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Laura Quaintance

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Laura Quaintance has been living in Nevada County since 1993, and says that she “ABSOLUTELY LOVES LIVING IN GRASS VALLEY!” Prior to moving here, she lived and worked in the Bay Area and So. California. Laura says that her longtime goal was to be able to live and work in her dreamtown of Grass Valley; it just took a number of years to be able to make this happen. In order to live in Nevada County, Laura went from her career of being an Executive Corporate Buyer for the Raley’s Markets and Cost Plus World Market chains into Executive Sales & Marketing Management, which allowed her to move to Grass Valley. Although Laura had her own home office in Grass Valley, working remotely, the “trade off” was that she had to be gone from Grass Valley, working out of town and state for over half of the time; her professional relationships and personal friends were spread across the country and in Canada, with no time left for developing relationships in Nevada County, which was one of her heart’s desires.
During Laura’s Sales Management career, her accomplishments included being Vice President of National Sales & Marketing for the United States and Canada for several well known large “publicly traded” corporations and also for large and mid level privately owned companies. Prior to that, Laura was a National Business Development Manager for International/National based companies in the Natural Products industry. Laura has also held licenses in Life Insurance and Real Estate, prior to her Executive top level Management positions.

Laura has also owned 2 local businesses: The Post Net in Grass Valley and the Video Stop that was located near Lake of the Pines. She also is the founder and current President of her own business, “Outstanding Client Services”, a Business Development & Project Management company. Although there are a number of business coaches and consultants in Nevada County, one of the unique things about her business is that she has actually owned 3 of her own businesses and has many years of actual experience in small and large companies, starting from the bottom and working her way up the ranks after college. Outstanding Client Services does on site, “on the spot” short and long term work Laura has hired and managed hundreds of people and has extensive organizational Management skills & HR experience as a manager in hiring, mentoring, motivating and maintaining employees and independent contractors. She has been a public speaker numerous times, leading workshops, trainings and seminars. Along with this, her specialty has been and will always be Customer Service, educating businesses about how very crucial this is and exactly what to look for when hiring, training and maintaining great employees in the attitude and skill sets that business owners need to significantly grow their businesses. And, in her spare time, she manages an immaculate and lovely rental house; The Charming Chapel Street Cottage, a bungalow located near Mount Saint Mary’s in Grass Valley–available to rent for short and long term.
Laura has a sincere passion for helping & serving people and has been very active in a number of community non profit organizations and events. She also has a Passion and Love for Nature, Animals, Music and ALL of the Arts; visual, literary and performing; she is a supporting member of these non-profits and many more.
Laura has three grown children, six grandchildren and two animals; a Red Golden Retriever and a Rescued Jack Russell Terrier Dachshund mix. She enjoys walking, dancing, non business travel, reading, gardening, cooking, entertaining, and being with her Family.
Laura is very friendly, empathetic, dedicated and loyal in her personal and business relationships. She radiates energy and warmth when she walks into any room.