(See Section 7 of the Chamber By-Laws)
All membership applications shall be presented
to the Board of Directors for Approval.

7.1 Business Membership - One Hundred Twenty Five dollars. ($125)
Described as a single entity of business for profit. (Any person,
association, corporation, partnership or estate doing business under a
business name for profit.)

7.2 Employee Membership – Fifty dollars. ($50)
Described as an employee of a business for profit. The employing
business must be a current business member.

7.3 Non-Profit Membership – One Hundred dollars. ($100)
Described as a legal non-profit entity.

7.4 Independent/Individual Membership – Twenty Five dollars. ($25)
Described as an individual person.

7.5 Honorary Membership – Zero dollars. ($0)
Designated as a governmental officer and/or an assistant to the same.
Distinction in public affairs shall confer eligibility to honorary membership.
Honorary members shall have all the privileges of members, except the
right to vote, and shall be exempt from payment of membership investments.
Honorary memberships may be conferred or revoked by the
Board of Directors by a majority vote.

7.76 Trade Membership – Acceptable dollar value of trade in lieu of payment
as pre-approved by the Board. ($ Trade Value.) An additional form
requesting Board approval of the proposed trade is required and must de
scribe the reason for the trade, the dollar value of the member-ship, and
the benefit to the Chamber. The form must accompany this application
and may be obtained from the Chamber Office.

Note: Membership in the South Nevada County Chamber of Commerce is open to businesses,
firms, associations, corporations and individuals of good standing in the community, regardless of
place of residence, who have an interest in the promotion and enhancement of South Nevada